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News, 3/4/2019

Finnish parliamentary elections 2019 – advance voting in Hong Kong

In the parliamentary elections of spring 2019, advance voting will be organised in Hong Kong from 3rd to 6th April. A possibility to vote by post will also be introduced in Finland in the parliamentary elections.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for the organisation of advance voting abroad. The Finnish diplomatic and consular missions and their offices will serve as advance polling stations abroad.

The parliamentary elections take place in Finland on Sunday 14th April 2019. Every Finnish citizen who has reached the age of 18 not later than on the day of the election is entitled to vote in parliamentary elections. A passport or some other official ID must be presented at the polling station. The notice of right to vote may be presented but voting is possible also without it.

A possibility to vote by post will also be introduced in Finland in the parliamentary elections of 2019. Eligible voters living permanently abroad and eligible voters staying abroad during the advance voting period and on the election day will have the right to vote by post in general elections. A voter wishing to vote by post is responsible for ordering the postal voting documents, voting, and returning the vote in time. Read more: Postal voting.

Also elections to the European Parliament (European Elections) will be held this spring, in May. We will publish more information on the advance voting at European Elections on our website later this spring.

Advance polling station in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong
Consulate General of Finland

10/F, Club Lusitano
16 Ice House Street, Central
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2525 5385

3.4.2019 at 10.00–16.00
4.4.2019 at 10.00–16.00
5.4.2019 at 10.00–16.00
6.4.2019 at 9.00–14.00

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